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So, who is MRC Multimedia?

Born and raised in Oregon, Graham is a 2nd generation videographer and director, and first generation drone pilot and DP. Raised by a father directing cable news, shooting sports and interviews daily, video was a way of life from 10 years old on. Things have changed since my childhood spent hauling giant Betacams worth as much as a house, and teen years wielding compact MiniDV cameras, to the modern digital cinema cameras flown on gimbals and aerial systems.

Now, helming a multimedia business Graham and his team serves the Pacific Northwest, collaborating with commercial and private clients to bring their visions to life. MRC Multimedia work in narrative, documentary, music video, event, and aerial spaces, and can design and print digital assets as well.



"Comprehensive" is a guiding principle of MRC Multimedia. When you work with us, we provide you thoughtful guidance through the creative process to maximize the value of your investment, and create redundant and resource rich coverage on any project.

Leveraging a background in graphic arts and creative direction allows us to offer complete branding solutions that include design and print as well as digital photo and video. We can synchronize with your existing efforts, or lead the way in a new marketing push you're just getting started on.


Our era provides individuals and businesses unprecedented power to share who they are, what they do, and what their lives are like. 

The work we do immortalizes our moment, and the stories of the people and brands we serve. We're proud to be serving clients in the moment, and to be writing the history of our era in such a visually beautiful way.

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